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The Drive to Learn: The desire to satisfy your curiosity.

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Economic Development Institute Jamaica


Welcome To the Economic Development Institute Jamaica. The Drive to Learn: The desire to satisfy your curiosity. We at the Economic Development Institute Jamaica will attempt to make you more knowledgeable or competent to connect to this drive.

Economic literature speaks to four preconditions that lead to knowledge becoming an effective engine of growth. These are:


  1. An economic and institutional regime to provide incentives for the efficient use of existing and new knowledge and the flourishing of entrepreneurship.
  2. An educated and skilled population to create, share, and use knowledge well.
  3. A dynamic information infrastructure to facilitate the effective communication, dissemination, and processing of information.
  4. An efficient innovation system of firms, research centers, universities, consultants, and other organizations to tap into the growing stock of global knowledge, assimilates and adapt it to local needs, and create new technology.


Keep in mind always....The Drive to Learn: The desire to satisfy your curiosity. 

Peter W Jones

Executive Director

Economic Development Institute

January 10,2005